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Gucci History

James Franco’s made-to-measure turn for Gucci
Eventually, three of their sons join them in the rapidly expanding business: Rodolfo is responsible for managing the shop in Florence, and thereafter Milan (where, in 1966, he commissions an artist to create the Flora print as a scarf for Princess Grace of Monaco); Vasco looks after manufacturing; Aldo opens the Rome store, then exports the brand abroad, with branches in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Palm Beach.

By the time Guccio dies in 1953 his grandchildren are also working for the company; one of them is Aldo’s son Paolo, who uses the now-iconic Flora pattern in a range of women’s clothing, sold under his name.

The family are enraged, and order Paolo either to sell his shares in Gucci or stay on and give up his own line. When he refuses to do either he is sued by his family, and forbidden from using the Gucci name in business. In revenge, Paolo testifies against his father on a tax-evasion charge in America; Aldo is found guilty, and sent to jail.

From then on the family drama is as remorseless as a Greek tragedy. Rodolfo’s son, Maurizio, seizes control of Gucci, but is himself finally ousted, and in 1995 (the year after Tom Ford’s appointment as creative director) he is murdered by a gunman in the street.