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Gucci coup: the Italian fashion house celebrates 90 years in fashion

It’s survived in-fighting and murder, so who can blame Gucci for wanting to celebrate 90 years in fashion with a book and museum?

If an essential element of a successful luxury brand is its history and heritage, then Gucci’s is more richly textured than most. In this, the 90th year since the establishment of the first Gucci boutique, the company has celebrated the opening of the Gucci museum in Florence, its founding city.

In pictures: 90 years of Gucci

There, in a 14th-century palazzo, pieces from the extensive archives are on display: the headscarves, handbags, loafers, luggage, Oscar gowns, coats and jewellery, whose cumulative effect is to reveal how Gucci has been threaded through the fabric of the past, and into contemporary culture.

Gucci meets The Great Gatsby for next spring

The heavyweight book that accompanies the museum’s launch this autumn – Gucci: The Making Of, published by Rizzoli, and edited by Gucci‘s creative director, Frida Giannini – provides an unusually penetrating analysis and insight into the heart of the brand.

Given that the fashion industry tends to gloss over any past scandals, intent on keeping secrets hidden, Giannini (who has been key to Gucci’s extraordinary success since she first joined the house in 2002, hired by its former director, Tom Ford) has shown remarkable candour in her role as editor; indeed, anyone in search of a real understanding of the relationship between luxury labels and the history of 20th-century celebrity could start by reading this book.

To begin at the beginning: Guccio Gucci, born in 1881 and raised in Florence, travels to London as a young man, and works at the Savoy as a porter, where he admires the monogrammed trunks and crested suitcases that are the measure of the guests’ wealth (a formative experience that is to be etched into a future Gucci logo of a liftboy).

When he returns to Florence he marries a dressmaker, Aida Calvelli, and opens a leather-goods store and workshop on via della Vigna Nuova.