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What I’m wearing: Leather leggings

But the point about the skinny is that it works for across generations, because, unlike mini-skirts, it reveals shape while concealing skin. In this, it offers an ageless proposition of skinfinity. “Modern fabric technology means any woman can wear them,” affirms Rudes. “Power stretch, which is what drives our brand, means a pair of jeans now acts in the same way that a girdle did in the Fifties. And it works for every occasion. Wear it with a jacket and it takes you to the office or dinner.”

Actually, skinny trousers may not be the best choice for every body, but on the right woman, they look almost super-humanly impressive. “So many women look better than they ever have, what with all that gym and looking after themselves,” observes Mary Quant, whose championship of the mini-skirt 50 years ago represented a similar marker of female emancipation.

Some carp that teaming an almost gymnastic-looking lower half with tailored or feminine tops sends out mixed messages, and that skinnies make younger women look like a praying mantis and older women like cougars (the skinny leg has inspired numerous bestial analogies). But perhaps it’s the contradictions that make it the perfect staple for our times. That and the fact that jacked up on to a pair of four-inch heels, or grounded into a pair of biker boots, a pair of stretch, streamlined jeans makes you feel you’re ready to take on the world.