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Model man

Being a model man.

Commenting on the opportunities for male models, Kochi’s own Nibu Joseph, who also walked the Lakme Fashion Week, says: “Generally, there is more demand for female models. But, in the North, a male model has many options and a lot of work. Modelling opens up doors for you in the film industry too, you get to do a lot of advertisements, get to socialise and meet filmmakers tas well.”

If our models have the right attitude and the passion, then what’s stopping the ad agencies from picking up our men? Model Shifin, who plans to move to Mumbai to gain a foothold in the fashion industry, remarks, “The advertisers feel that models from Mumbai and Delhi are more professional.

For any big budget advertisement, they prefer models from the North. And, if it’s a low-budget ad, then they approach us.”

Most of these male models say they earn peanuts in Kerala, prompting them to look for opportunities elsewhere. Clients in Kerala overlook the potential of male models in their own State, and pick up models from other cities.