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Skinny: The look with endless legs

Worn by the squeezed middle and the super-rich alike, the ‘skinny’ trouser has become the silhouette-defining garment of our time.

“The skinny pant,” says Jeff Rudes, “is here to stay. No matter what else is happening on the catwalks, it’s a bestseller, year in year out.” Rudes is the American founder of J Brand – the cult jeans company that last year sold six million pairs, most of them skinny. You could say he’s narrow-minded.

He’s also right.

Over the coming weeks there will be no shortage of advice on the key trends for spring and summer – but swathes of women will, as they have for the past 10 years, carry on wearing drainpipes, with a variety of tops (baggy or tight) and jackets (cropped or blazers).